Dr. Shriram S. Sonawane >>Phd Scholar Students

Doctoral research guidance Full time (Awarded/Ongoing)

Sr.No. Name of student Topic ID number Date of Registration Status
Rohit Khedkar Nanofluids application in Chemical Engg. 11521 June 2010 Awarded 26th April,2014
Mangesh Waghmare Reaction Extraction 11525 01/07/2010 Awarded Sep. 2015
Ghanshyam Barman Polymer Nanocomposites 13950 January 2012 ongoing
 4 Abhijit Gadhe Biohydrogen Production 13959 January 2012 Awarded12th March 2016
5 Antaram Sarve Super Critical Fluids Extraction 13969 January 2012 Thesis Submitted
 6 Sarita Charde Polymer Nanocomposites 15127 January 2013 ongoing
 7 Nishant Kumar Study on Nanofluids and Critical Heat Flux June 2015 ongoing