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Sr. no. Year Title Awarding body Activity recognized
 1 2009 Study On Application Of Nano Fulids NCOAT-NIRMITI- [First Prize] First Best paper Presentation Award
 2  2010 Application of Nanotechnology in food packaging NCNN-2010, VNIT Nagpur First Best Poster Presentation Award
 3 2011 Effect of Polystyrene Nanoparticles and their effects on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of polyamide               Nanocomposites 5th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment First  Best Presentation and paper in the conference
 4 2013 BOS member in Chemical Engg. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon Academic
 5 2015 BOS Member in interdisciplinary committee NMU, Jalgaon Academic
 6 2015 Influence of CuO nanoparticles in enhancingthe overall heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity of water and ethylene glycol based nanofluids World Research Journals Conference First  Best Presentation and paper in the conference
 7 2015 Session Chair at International conference held at Dubai World Research Journals Conference Chairman of Session
 8 2016 Invited BOS Member at SGGS Nanded SGGS Nanded Academic


Book Publications:

Subject    ( no and title ) Remarks
  1. Book on:  “Polyamide 6,6 Nanocomposites”

Authors: Shriram S Sonawane & Satyendra Mishra

ISBN: 978-3-659-24746-0

Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany

BOOK on Polymer Nanocomposites and this is used in teaching Nanotechnology as Elective for B.Tech. Chemical Engg. Students