Dr. Vijayakumar R.P. >>B.Tech: CML 426 – Polymer Processing

Course content

Module - I: Introduction
Comparison of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics; Thermoset plastics – Types of resins, Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPN); Thermoplastics – Types of aliphatic and aromatic thermo plastics, copolymers, Blends and alloys; Liquid crystal plastics; cellular plastics; oriented plastic materials.

Module - II: Processing
Basics of process design, Classification & general aspects of processes – molding & forming operations, Post die processing; Decoration of plastics – Printing, Vacuum Metalizing, In-mold decoration. Additives & Compounding – Different types of additives, Batch mixers, continuous mixers, Dispersive and distributive mixing, Characterization of mixed state.

Fundamentals on Viscous & Viscoelastic behavior of polymer melt, Rheological measurements and Polymer processability. Non isothermal aspects – Temperature effect on rheological properties, Crystallization, Morphology & Orientation, plastic memory, Molecular weight effects on processing and properties.

Module - III: Properties & Testing of Plastics
Basic concepts of testing, National & International standards, Test specimen preparation, Pre conditioning & Test atmosphere.
Identification of plastics by simple test – Visual examination, Density, Melting point, Solubility test, Flame test, Chemical tests.
Effect of shape & structure on material properties, Long – term & short – term mechanical properties, crazing, Permeability & barrier properties, Environmental-stress cracking, Melt flow index, Heat deflection temperature, Vicat softening temperature, Glass transition temperature, thermal conductivity, Co-efficient of thermal expansion, Shrinkage, Thermal stability, Flammability.

Module - IV: Waste Management & Recycling
Plastics waste and the associated problems, Integrated waste management – source reduction, recycling & sustainability correlation, energy recovering process. Environmental issues, policies and legislation in India.