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Sustainability and Environmental aspects of polymers

In the current scenario, with the increasing demand for the petroleum products, the suitable alternative for the manufacture of polymers is essential for the sustainable development of polymer industry. India is rich in biological resources and has a sound technological and industrial base. Capturing the biological resources through assiduous application of technology for the synthesis and manufacturing of biopolymers and finding the suitable application will not only answer the problem of environmental issues on polymers but also helpful in the economic growth by application in various sectors.

Plastic waste management and recycling:

Plastics become a part of human life with its invaluable applications from household appliances to Automobile and Aerospace industry. Plastic wastes from individual sectors to be managed and recycled to useful products by suitable processing technology or making composites with improved properties in an economically feasible method.

As part of contribution to have a clean India, awareness programs will be conducted to the public, including the literates for proper handling of used plastic products to make everyone aware “Plastics do not litter but people do” and help in the proper handling of plastic wastes.