Welcome to the official website of the Department of Chemical Engineering. We introduce you

to the members of the Department Council. The Department Council consists of 11 members.

Each of them are entitled and provided with a particular entity of work. Besides performing

their respective duties, each of them holds responsibilities of the class and the department as

well. The Council looks forward to provide support and aid to the numerous activities in the department. All the activities and events of the department are organized by the Council. The Department Council takes firm decisions on behalf of the whole class of

students. All the necessary negotiations that are to be taken are done by the Council. The

Council also takes necessary steps for the improvement of the academic curriculum of the

department. It also takes care that discipline and decorum of the department is maintained

throughout. All other duties regarding training and placements, alumni are done by the

respective member of the Council. All members of the council perform their work with full

dedication and zeal.



General Secretary:                                  Pushpak Ranjit Deshmukh (+91 9004557473)

Deputy General Secretary:                    B. Dhanush Kumar (+91 776047060)

Joint secretary:                                        Akanksha Sagar (+91 9619754043)

Treasurer:                                                Amit Hete (+91 7057458361)

Technical Secretary:                               Rishabh Patil (+91 9405942161)

Sports Secretary: 

                               Boys:                          Mahesh P. Bhade (+91 7350042360)

                               Girls:                          Apurva Govil (+91 9960774241)

Cultural Secretary:  

                              Boys:                            Sagar Agarwal (+91 9702389850)

                              Girls:                            Yogitha R (+91 9640954641)

T&P Secretary:                                         Vamsi Krishna Chaitanya .K (+ 91 7798425956)

Alumni Affairs Secretary:                      Silkesha Asole (+91 8698284632)

Academic Affairs Secretary:                  Nandkishore Urkude (+91 8554835234)