Research Projects completed /ongoing in Dept. of Chemical Engineering


SPONSORED RESEARCH PROJECTS in Chemical Engineering Dept.

 1) Title : Reactive Extraction of Propionic acid

Agency : DST

Amount: Rs. 8.40 lakh

Duration: 2007-2010.

Outcome: PhD: 01, MTech: 02, SCI/SCIE Publications: 20  

PI: Dr. Kailas L. Wasewar  

Co-PI: Dr. D. Z. Shende and Dr. M. N. Varma


2) Title: Synthesis and Application of Ionic Liquids for deep-desulfurization of liquid fuels

Agency : CSIR

Amount : Rs. 25 lakh

Duration: 20011-2014

Outcome : PhD: 01 ongoing, SCI/SCIE Publications: 5 Other Publications : 12 

PI : Dr. Kailas L. Wasewar  

Co-PI : Dr. D. Z. Shende and Dr. M. N. Varma


3) Title : Development of Green Construction Material Using Industrial Waste for  Low-Cost Housing        

Agency: DST

Amount: Rs. 22.01 lakhs

Duration: 2010-2013

Outcome: PhD: 02 (ongoing), MTech: 01, SCI/SCIE Publications: 5, Indian Patent: 01

PI  : Dr. Sachin A Mandavgane


4) Title: Synthesis of Nano Catalyst from Rice Husk Ash and its Application

Agency:  DST

Amount:  Rs. 22.26 lakhs

Duration:  2012-2014  

Outcome:  01 PhD (ongoing), Process development

PI: Dr. Sachin A Mandavgane


5) Title: Development and Testing of Micro Fine Powder Bio-Pesticide using Neem

Agency: Department of Atomic Energy

Amount:  Rs. 22.60 lakhs

Duration: 2013-2016

Outcome: PhD: 01 ( ongoing)

PI : Dr. Sachin A Mandavgane


6) Title: Removal of Chlorinated Herbicides from Dilute Aqueous Solution using  Biomass Ashes

Agency: DST

Amount: Rs. 45 lakhs

Duration: 2013-2016

Outcome: PhD: 01 ongoing

PI : Dr. Sachin A Mandavgane

7) Title : Development of Controlled Shape and Size Metal Oxides Nanoparticles,Synthesis of  Nanofluids and Application in Heat Exchanger 

Agency : DST

Amount: 19.20 Lakhs

Duration: 2014-2017

Outcome: 02 SCI Publications; 01 JRF/Ph.D. Ongoing

PI Dr. Shriram S. Sonawane 

8) Title Production of liquid hydrocarbons and Carbon Nanotubes using Waste Plastics as Precursor 

Agency : Science and Engineering Research Board under Fast Track Young Scientist  – Engineering Science

Amount : Rs. 27.00 lakh

Duration : OCT 2014 - OCT 2017

Outcome: 1 PhD ongoing

PI : Dr. Vijayakumar R. P.